Friday, November 25, 2011

Whimsical Notions - Insouciance and the Like

People get way too serious about things and sometimes really quickly. A lot of people, men especially it seems, tend to be afraid or hesitant about getting into relationships because they either A) had an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who was incredibly significant and serious about everything, making the relationship heavy; or B) they have friends who are way too serious about relationships and scare them off with the stories they like to share.

When I say insouciance, I don't mean to be flippant about your relationship or uncaring. Just... light. Enjoy, grow, progress, learn, and have fun. Be happy. When you're in a relationship with someone who you have a connection with - someone who you can really be with - the rest is easy to work out.

Life is very fleeting sometimes. Yes of course, most people live a very long time, die natural deaths, and have accomplished much. But there's many quotes which I like to think I apply to my life and take into account in the way I handle things and make me be less careful and less serious.(This is not just meant to be taken about relationships, of course.)

Here's a quote I like a lot:

"Suddenly, you realize tomorrow might not come. Now I live by the motto, ‘Today is what I have.’”
- Amber Heard

Love openly and fully and enjoy everything you do and everyone you experience and have the pleasure of meeting and having in your life. Be cautious, but don't be too careful. You could die at any moment and I hope that you will live your life to the extent that you would be happy with what you have experienced, and who you have loved, and not have many things you wish you did or said when you go.

If you love someone - if you want to do something - if you're scared - go for it!!! :-)

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