Thursday, December 29, 2011


I could walk for hours just because
And sometimes the freeway off ramp
Appeals to me for some midnight walking
But something tells me that the late-night patrol officers
Would possibly consider that a suicide attempt
"But officers," I'd say, "I'm a happy girl"
Got a whole lot going for me
A big world to see
My whole life ahead of me"
"Dear girl," they'd say, "it's never the sad ones."
And we'd share this sad moment together
Not quite sure of what else there was to say
Because I knew they were right
Truth is, I'd never even consider that idea
It was just that walking against traffic was always this taboo
And in the moment, in the moonlit midnight of my neighborhood
I just wanted to see what it felt like to be free

Monday, December 5, 2011


Why don't I miss you
When you're so far away
The lies come out so fluently
I'm barely keeping up

I swear I'm not pretending
Shivering as you linger
Fingertips gliding
My world keeps on sliding

Inside out, upside down
How you manage to get me all turned around
Sweaty collisions
Careful incisions

Definitely nothing to do with booze
I promise this wasn't a ruse
And my bed is this constant reminder
As if this all wasn't hard enough

Pretending I don't give a fuck
Nothing ever seemed so difficult as this
Acting like nothing ever mattered
And you're certainly not shattered

Cliche statements resounding
This is apparently what I'm supposed to do
But I know that booze and boys
Won't get you out of my mind

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tick Tock

A stolen kiss
Lips upturned
My heart unburdened

And as I breathe
The clock stops
My heart throbs
Unbelievably romantic
All of these go*damn semantics

This fire inside consumes me
I have no time for this
Any methods of escape
I promise this I won't regret
Despite the unacceptable behavior

Promise you won't console me
I'd rather breathe on my own
Conspicuously bright
I swear I'll be alright
Knowing how to get back up

Prefer to see it all
Than to pretend I'm blind
I'd rather communicate
Without any words
Than to constantly just talk

The hell with average
I'd like to see it all
Every part of life
Intriguing and deceiving
I promise I'll survive