Monday, December 5, 2011


Why don't I miss you
When you're so far away
The lies come out so fluently
I'm barely keeping up

I swear I'm not pretending
Shivering as you linger
Fingertips gliding
My world keeps on sliding

Inside out, upside down
How you manage to get me all turned around
Sweaty collisions
Careful incisions

Definitely nothing to do with booze
I promise this wasn't a ruse
And my bed is this constant reminder
As if this all wasn't hard enough

Pretending I don't give a fuck
Nothing ever seemed so difficult as this
Acting like nothing ever mattered
And you're certainly not shattered

Cliche statements resounding
This is apparently what I'm supposed to do
But I know that booze and boys
Won't get you out of my mind

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