Monday, November 28, 2011

The Stranger and The Transition

This is something that I wrote about the transition which exists between any two people who enter a relationship and end it, for whatever reasons, at whatever time. It's an odd phenomena and my friend and I had a conversation about it which gave me some insight and an ability to put the phenomena in actual words.

From strangers to more to strangers again~~


Two people who start out as nothing
Basically strangers
You could practically see each other on the street
And have only a flickering, or a glimpse of recognition
No memories or associations
Nothing to tie one to the other
Nothing to smile about or think about as you fall asleep
Then you become friends; someone to talk to and converse
Chatting, sharing thoughts and ideas
Laughing platonically
And so quickly you become more
The transition happens so fast
Sometimes the line blurs and you hardly notice
A happy haze
Suddenly you're lovers
Two people on the same wavelength
The most beautiful thing
At the right time or at the wrong time
Intimacies beyond just "close"
And then suddenly or maybe not so sudden
You're strangers again
But this time it's different than before
No longer can one say "You’re unrecognizable"
Because your breath may hitch in your throat
At the sight of their face
Someone who changed you
Or just impacted you
In one way or a thousand
Things are significant now
Memories loom in the air
And now you're familiar strangers
No longer able to pass them by like they don't exist

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